Ecigarette – Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Are you a lifelong smoker? Do you enjoy a full flavored cigarette, and the feeling that you get from smoking everyday? Although you may be aware of the health risks that are involved, you need to realize that there are alternatives out there. If you have tried to quit before, using either pharmaceutical remedies or over-the-counter options that simply didn’t work, it might be that quitting is not your best option. Electronic cigarettes can provide you with all of the nicotine that you need and have come to appreciate with regular tobacco cigarettes. They are much healthier for you, and are far less costly. But are they as good? Will you actually appreciate them as much as a regular cigarette? In this article, we will address the benefits and drawbacks related to traditional and electronic cigarettes today.

An ecigarette is an electronic device that mimics the appearance and the operation of a traditional cigarette. When you inhale, you are provided with nicotine, something that your body probably craves every day if you have been smoking for several years. The primary benefit of using an ecig over a regular one comes down to the carcinogens that are no longer there. Since the tobacco is not burned in order to access the nicotine, you no longer have to worry about lung cancer or other diseases associated with traditional smoking. The primary drawback of most electronic cigarettes, and the complaint that most people have, is that they do not provide the same kick that you get from a regular cigarette. The flavor may also be very different. With all of these benefits and drawbacks to consider, which one should you actually choose?

The determining factor for choosing either a traditional cigarette, or an electronic cigarette, comes down to regard for your personal health. It is possible to get the same amount of nicotine from an electronic cigarette as long as you purchase the ones that have the highest concentrations of nicotine available. Since you are only inhaling water vapor and nicotine, you are improving your odds of staying healthy. In regard to the appearance of electronic cigarettes, they are virtually the same as regular ones. And with the cost difference, it simply a matter of making a definitive choice in regard to your own health when choosing to switch from tobacco based cigarettes to electronic ones available today.

When you use an ecigarette, it may take a little bit of time to get used to. As long as you are able to gain access to tobacco flavored nicotine cartridges, if the nicotine doses high enough, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with switching over. Just as nicotine is habit forming, so is smoking a regular cigarette, a habit that you really should break. The choice is up to you, and it’s a decision that is an important one to make. By deciding to switch to ecigs, you will be making a conscious decision to improve your chances of living longer and having a much healthier life.